The museum guide GroupyMuseum is a unique audio transmission system with a special dual function for group tours in museum facilities.


Groupy Museum


Discover all benefits: GroupyMuseum is unique: For the first time, exhibition expositions (via number identification) can be used, as well as live audio guides can be transmitted with the help of the museum guide.


Groupy Museum

The audio guide with additional benefits.

The Groupy system consists of one USER-Tag for each museum visitor – for individual exploration of exhibitions.

If live audio guides are offered, the live stream can be directly transmitted via a CONTROLLER-tag applied by the museum guide.

Predefined language setting (DE, EN, IT, FR, ES, JP, CN, …) can be used to playback stored audio content. Easiest programming of the device by the museum operator is another plus.



Groupy Museum

Perfect and continuous communication.

The dual function of GroupyMuseum is remarkable: Using GroupyMuseum as a live streaming tool guarantees perfect communication and sound quality for the museum visitors – without the condition of being constantly in close contact with the museum guide.

The combination of these two options characterizes an enormous cost saving potential for museum operators and thus allows even smaller facilities to offer a value adding audio transmission system to their visitors.



Groupy Museum

User-friendly and perfectly adapted.

The USER-Tag as well as the CONTROLLER-Tag are easy to use with the help of intuitive key symbols. GroupyMuseum is small, light, and has the most compact system – made in Austria.

Flexible models, which are fully adapted to the demand of museum facilities, as well as multiple branding possibilities and support when creating audio files is given.




Innovative & smart packaging

The Groupy system is delivered with an intelligent system case …
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Technical Features & supplies

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Your system. Your branding.

A broad range of branding possibilities is available...
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Museum Audio Guide System

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