All4Groups Systems GmbH


All4Groups Systems GmbH is a new, innovative system supplier for electronic logistics, communications and information systems in group tourism.

The company – with its headquarters in Leibnitz (southern Styria) – can look back on numerous experiences of successfully implemented product developments in the field of functional engineering solutions.

The core concept of Groupy was born in 2015 and a new, innovative and reliable mobile data transmission system for group tourism has been developed.

 To simplify areas dealing with group tours, group completeness, group communication and group tourism and providing easy, efficient and simple organization for perfect communication was the major driver of innovation, regarding to Michael Schober, CEO and design engineer of the Groupy system.

A continual process of improvement, further development and the vision of offering a state-of-the-art concept led to the Groupy product family, as we can proudly present now.

All4Groups has a strong partner: Thanks to the close project cooperation with SITULUS Holding, enormous group-wide resources and an extensive know-how pool regarding the development and production of electronic assemblies can be provided.


Turkey Distributor


ERENOĞLU FOREIGN TRADE LTD. CO., is the exclusive Turkey Distributor of GROUPY Audio Guide System (All4GROUPS Systems GmbH in Austria).

Prices upon request. Please fill out the Request Form

Agencies can be assign. Please fill out the Request Form.

Please contact us through our Contact or Support page for further information.

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